Citizen House Bergstrom is a mixed-income community providing top-notch residences and amenity spaces. Along with market-rate rents, Citizen House Bergstrom offers well-appointed living spaces at economical rental rates for households earning 60% or 80% of the median household income. Please contact our Leasing Professionals for more information on how to make Citizen House Bergstrom your new home.

Are you a qualified applicant? Keep reading to find out! 

Income-Based rentals will be available to households earning 60% and 80% Median Family Income or less. Applicant’s gross annual income may not exceed the following limits:

Income Limits




1 Person



2 Person



3 Person



4 Person



5 Person



Rent Limits




1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



*Rent limits reflect the maximum rent amount by unit type and income limit; offered rental rates are subject to change and may be below the rent limits allowable by law.


Do You Qualify? Contact Us for more information.

To begin the application for Citizen House Bergstrom, we may ask for the following documents:

  • Copies of the most recent two (2) years of IRS Tax Return Transcripts
  • Copies of paycheck stubs for the most recent three (3) months, or other documentation of wages, salary, etc. 
  • Documentation of periodic payments received from Social Security, annuities, insurance policies, retirement funds, pensions, disability or death benefits, and other similar types of periodic receipts. 
  • Documentation of unemployment benefits and disability compensation, worker’s compensation and severance pay. 
  • Proof of any welfare assistance or Housing Voucher Award.
  • Proof of amount of periodic and determinable allowances: child support payments, spousal support/alimony payments, and regular contributions and gifts received from persons not residing in the dwelling.
  • Proof of all regular pay, special pay and allowances of a member of the Armed Forces (whether or not living in the dwelling) who is the head of the household, spouse or other household member whose dependent are residing in the unit.
  • Copies of the most recent IRA, 401k, Keogh, retirement, pension fund, investments, stocks, brokerage, and crypto exchange accounts.
  • Copies of financial aid statements and tuition statements for any applicant of the household is a part-time or full-time student.

    Please note that additional documentation and program forms may be requested. Income eligibility for the affordable rental program does not guarantee that an Applicant will qualify for a lease. Reach out to the apartment complex directly for leasing qualifications and requirements.